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Operational Programme Italia-Malta 2007-2013
The Programme aims at achieving the following General Objective:
“Strengthening the attractiveness and the competitiveness of the cross-border area, within a framework of environmental sustainability”.
Therefore, also considering the socio-economic characteristics of the cooperation area and especially the limited budget of the Programme, apart from technical assistance that is dedicated to support the Programme’s management, the strategic choices have been directed to two intervention’s priorities.


 Axis I: Competitiveness – Research and Innovation; Sustainable Development

In line with the objectives fixed by the Lisbon strategy, priority Axis I is developed as a fundamental line of action and transversal internally in the action framework of the programme in order to promote competitiveness and innovation in the cross-border area.
Given the number of envisaged policies, the impact of the Axis’ strategy is closely linked to the level of concentration of financial resources and their degree of integration. Its effective implementation is strongly dependent on the level of integration of the projects and on the capacity for cooperation among the responsible actors. Consistently with these assumptions, the Axis can contribute a material added value in relation to the ability to identify the actual development priorities, to design quality interventions and to develop a strong action of multilevel institutional cooperation, involving a broad partnership. In this perspective, it will be very appropriate to focus on issues of common strategic importance, such as the promotion of research to facilitate sustainable development, the exploitation of natural and cultural resources in integration with models of sustainable tourism, the improvement of the system of cross-border accessibility and, finally, actions related to the strengthening of Italian-Maltese institutional partnerships.
Priority Axis I intends to reach the following Specific Objectives:
1.1 Supporting research and innovation in order to promote sustainable development paths
1.2 Improving cross-border accessibility and reinforcing transport systems that are more environmentally friendly
1.3 Contributing to the improvement of the integrated tourist offer in the cross-border area
1.4 Contributing to the strengthening of cross-border institutional partnership in the areas identified under Priority Axis I

 Axis II: Environment, Energy and Risk prevention

Priority Axis II is based on the potential resources of the cross-border areas which can be further evaluated, on the basis of existing and sustainable development, in order to improve the quality of life for present and future generations.
The strategy foresees cooperation in the areas of energy, risk prevention and the management of environmental strategies, even through initiatives which address the strengthening of institutional capacity.
In line with the strategic directions of Axis I, the strategy will have to comply, where necessary, with the need to render more efficient the management systems of water resources and waste and to improve the prevention of natural and anthropogenic risks, as well as promoting the cooperation measures that are necessary for the development and the dissemination of renewable energy as well as energy-saving initiatives, including the testing and adoption of best practices and innovative solutions for the protection and eco-efficient management of the territory and the common prevention and management of risk.
Priority Axis II intends to reach the following Specific Objectives:
2.1 Contributing to the protection of the environment through the safeguarding, exploitation and monitoring of natural resources
2.2 Contributing to the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency
2.3 Promoting joint actions in the sphere of prevention of risks resulting from both natural and human causes
2.4 Contributing to the strengthening of cross border institutional partnership in the areas identified under Priority Axis II

 Axis III: Activities of Technical Assistance, Awareness, Communication and Publicity

Priority Axis III is aimed at securing a high quality level of management, surveillance and control of the Operational Programme by involving the entities and authorities provided for by Regulation EC/1080/2006 and their role is explained in further detail in chapter 6.
The lessons learnt from the 2004-2006 programme provide a number of elements which require due attention concerning the need to adapt the structure responsible for the management of the Programme in order to improve the modes of communication between the two partners sharing the Programme and to strengthen the partnership mechanisms, particularly, at a local level. From the experience acquired in the past, it is recommended that most support should be directed at local public entities which could be potential beneficiaries with the aim of enhancing the participation capacity of partners and to further improve the quality of projects.
The interventions of the Axis Technical Assistance will focus on the acquisition of services and equipment necessary for incrementing the levels of efficiency and effectiveness of the management, monitoring, control, evaluation and information and publicity.
Priority Axis III intends to reach the following Specific Objective:
3.1 Ensuring actions to support the Programme’s implementation, improving the efficiency andeffectiveness of the management and surveillance system of the OP