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In this section you can find the indications about the affixing of logos and emblems on the information and publicity material produced by the beneficiaries of the financed project  in the frame of the OP Italia-Malta 2007-2013.

All the information and publicity measures, as publications, foldouts, information material, posters, audiovisual material, websites, etc. have to include the following, in compliance with the article 9 of the Regulation  (CE) 1828/2006:

  1. the emblem of the European Union;
  2. the logo of the PO Italia-Malta 2007/2013;
  3. the flag of the Sicilian Region, for Italian partners, and the flag of the Republic of Malta, for Maltese Partners;
  4. the pay-off, fit to the target range, highlighting the added value of the intervention of the Community;
  5. the indication of the European Fund (i.e. Project co-financed by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund).

The OP Italia-Malta 2007-2013 has three different pay-offs to be used depending on the beneficiaries of the information and publicity measures. In details:

  • “Investing in your future”: to be used for the measures aimed at potential beneficiaries;
  • “Italy-Malta: a sea of opportunity for your future”: to be used for the measures aimed at social and economic bodies, the public belonging to the programme area, other involved authority.
  • “Italy-Malta: European Union close to Mediterranean”: to be used for the measures aimed at educational institutes, the European Commission, information operators.

The use of the pay-offs replaces the affixing of the Republic of Malta and Sicilian Region’s flags.

For small promotional object (such as pen drives, pencils, stickers, etc.) it is enough to apply the emblem of the European Union and the logo of the Programme.

For the documents issued for internal use (i.e. correspondence among project partners or between Lead Partner and Managing Authority, issue of call, etc.), it is enough that the beneficiaries affix the emblem of the European Union and the logo of the Programme to their headed notepaper.

If the total public contribution to the operation exceeds € 500 000, and the operation consists in the purchase of a physical object or in the financing of infrastructure or of construction operations, each beneficiary shall put up a billboard at the site of the operation during its implementation. No later than six months after the completion of the operation, the billboard shall be replaced by a permanent explanatory plaque that is visible and of significant size. Both the billboard and the plaque shall contain all the items listed in points from 1 to 4 and, in compliance with the Regulation (CE) 846/2009, such information shall take up at least 25% of the billboard/plaque.

Click on the following link to download the emblem of the European Union http://europa.eu/abc/symbols/emblem/download_it.htm

Click on the following link to download the flag of the Republic of Malta www.ppcd.gov.mt/publicity

Download the emblem of the Regione Siciliana

Download the logo of the OP Italia Malta 2007-2013

Download the English pay-offs