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Strategic Projects
The projects financed within the first call for strategic project fall within one of the specific eligible actions identified in connection with the Priority themes for Axis I and Axis II of the Italia - Malta programme.

AXIS I - Competitiveness: Research and Innovation; Sustainable Development
Priority Theme – Accessibility and eco-sustainable transport
Eligible Action - Operations that support pilot actions which enhance and promote passenger and goods transport systems with low environmental impacts, possibly guaranteeing and supporting intermodal trade links

AXIS II - Environment, Energy and Risk Prevention
Priority Theme - Promoting joint actions in the sphere of the prevention of risks resulting from both natural and man-made causes
Eligible Action - Actions that aim at the identification of environmental, industrial, natural risks and man-made hazards and a clear understanding of their effect on the cross border population and / or the environment
Priority Theme – Risk prevention methods related specifically to coastal territories and to the sea
Eligible Action - Operations with regard to the prevention of maritime accidents involving polluting or toxic substances and the consequent adaptation of the system of risk prevention, emergency management and reducing pollution, in the case of accidents
Eligible Action - Operations that monitor, prevent and reduce water and air pollution risks related to the maritime transport activities, particularly from ships carrying toxic and polluting substances, but not excluding other possible pollutants arising from marine related activities, such as fishing, tourism, yachting, etc.

Priority Theme – Renewable energy and waste disposal
Eligible Action - Operations to realize innovative interventions through joint experimentation / implementation to guarantee energy saving in buildings public facilities
Eligible Action - Operations to create innovative management systems aimed at  reducing energy consumption and promoting the sound management of waste, for instance through the production of  bio-gas.
Eligible Action - Actions which aim at the development of an Italian-Maltese Research centre for the transfer of solutions to increase the eco-efficiency of the local productive systems as well as the diffusion of eco-sustainable practices with regard to energy and the diffusion of energy-saving practices among the citizens on both sides of the area of the Programme.

The project proposals started their activities during the second semester of 2012 and will close them within the first semester of 2015.